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Welcome to Elite Cornsnakes

 Elite Cornsnakes is owned and operated by Chris Cicogna. Working exclusively with cornsnakes (Pantherophis Guttatus) since 2002. Focusing mostly on Palmetto corns while still having a huge interest in Red Coat, Red Factor, Okeetee, and Sunkissed morphs. Unless noted all snakes for sale have eaten a minimum of five frozen thawed unaltered meals before ever being offered.


Transaction was quick and well communicated. Snake arrived safely and healthy. Thank you for the beautiful palmetto! - Aug. 14, 2020

Winterrose MM

I was hesitant on getting a snake. Got bit when I was little so in was scared of snakes period. Chris is AMAZING!!!! My husband really wanted a snake so I caved and Chris helped me with everything. I got my husband a baby cornsnake that is sunkissed with Miami influence. Chris knew that I wanted a snake I could handle so he was able to get me a calmer snake. He is great!!! I would recommend to anyone!!!

Victoria Ellington

Good communication and very quick response times, well packaged, delivered on time, and snake was beautiful would highly recommend and will possibly buy again in future. - Sep. 09, 2020

briwest0526 MM

Gorgeous healthy snake! The seller was very communicative with every step of the process. I'll probably get another in the future! - Aug. 24, 2020

Slytherphoenix MM

Produced at elite corns

High color Palmetto

Had a very hard time trying to decide if I should keep another male Palmetto. Got some great offers but in the end I just had to keep him.

Inferno (Sunkissed+Amel)

This Inferno has a unique look due to her Miami Honey mother. I like to call it Miami Influance :)

Saffron (Sunkissed+Amel+Caramel)

This Saffron is part of a breeding project to create Miami phase Saffron Motley offspring.