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2021 breeding plans

This was my first year selling retail to new customers from all over the USA. I have learned some new things, talked to many new people and all around had a great experience, so thank you again to everyone who has contributed to my year by sending an email or purchasing a new animal. Next year I have plans to do seven breeding's (  2022 will be be my first big year selling retail with over 35 planned breedings ). For 2021 I will be doing the following breeding's listed below.

1)Palmetto X Palmetto 100% het anery

2)Okeetee phase Lava X Okeetee phase Lava (both het amel) this pair is super nice and I am hoping to produced some great animals from this breeding.

3)Mc Donald line Pied side bloodred ph anery X Mc Donald line pied side Granite 100% het Lavender

4)Anery 100% het Palmetto X Palmetto 100% het Anery

5)Classic 100% het Palmetto,Stripe,Hypo X Palmetto 100% het Anery

6)Heliconia 100% het Amel X Strawberry RF Pewter ph Anery,Amel

7)Miami Phase Honey 100% het Amel ph Cinder X ?

I hope to produce some great animals next year and look forward to sharing photos etc. with everyone.