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Collection: 2021 CORNSNAKES

All available 2021 corns for sale
This coming year year I have the following breeding's planned.
1)Palmetto X Palmetto LAID 21 EGGS
2)Okeetee phase Lava X Okeetee phase Lava LAID 6 EGGS ALL DUDS :(
3)Mc Donald line Pied side bloodred ph anery X Mc Donald line pied side Granite 100% het Lavender Should Lay Anyday now 6/1/2021
4)Anery 100% het Palmetto X Palmetto 100% het Anery BREEDING DID NOT TAKE :(
5)Tessera 100% het Palmetto X Palmetto 100% het Anery LAID 26 EGGS
6)Straberry Anery ph diffused,charcoal,amel X Strawberry RF Pewter ph Anery,Amel LAID 4 EGGS
7)Miami Phase Honey 100% het Amel ph Cinder X Inferno Motley 100% het Caramel LAID 24 EGGS
Please check back soon :)
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