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Before purchasing please read the terms and conditions page. A couple of important things to know before purchasing from me. I do not sell any baby's that are not eating well for me, I pride myself on only offering healthy, good eating animals. This does not mean they will eat well for you. After the stress of being packed into a box and sent off to a new home these animals require a good settle in period and if it is not provided it can lead to an animal that will refuse to eat. There is information on what to do once your new animal arrives here. If you follow the procedure described in the write up you will most likey not have any problems, but if you do I am here to help never hesitate to contact me with questions.
This year I will be shipping on Mondays for Tuesday delivery to FedEx hub nearest your home. I can ship to your door but you MUST be home to accept the delivery directly no exceptions:) 
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