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Terms and conditions

Our animal guarantee

We guarantee our animals to be outwardly healthy and sexed correctly. All sold animals will have voluntarily eaten frozen thawed pinky mice a minimum of five times. It is important to remember that while the animal is eating in our care there is no guarantee that it will eat for you in your care. I will always be available to offer advise to get your animal to feed, but it is impossible to guarantee that it will feed for you due to stress from shipping and a new habitat. If you are not experienced keeping baby corns i would highly recommend purchasing an older more established animal that is at least six months old.  We also guarantee live arrival as long as the package is received and signed for by a person at the shipping address on the first delivery attempt. If the package is not signed for and received on the first delivery attempt then our live arrival guarantee is void. No exceptions.

If a problem does arise, you are required to contact me by email within 1 hour of pick up or delivery.

If by rare chance you do receive a DOA (dead on arrival) animal, please include order number and all relevant information along with photos for verification. This is a rare occurrence and has personally never happened to us.

Our terms

By purchasing an animal from us you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.  All shipping charges are non-refundable. No exceptions. If the need arises, you, the customer, will be responsible for all shipping charges to have the animal shipped back to us and have your replacement animal shipped back to you.

There will be no cash refunds given. If we cannot replace your animal with the exact type you had purchased, we will simply apply a credit for the amount towards another animal of your choosing.

Making a purchase binds you to have fully read, understand, comply and agree to all terms and conditions listed. Failure on customers' part to fully read all terms and conditions before making a purchase does not make them exempt from the terms and conditions.